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What Happens Here is Your Deal - Take Ownership

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Seattle, Washington

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Who we are

We Are:

A group od dedicated web developers and entrepreneurs who are developing a next generation Social eCommerce Web and Mobile device 'shareatocracy' platform.

Developers leary of 'vulture capital' or finding it difficult to build momentum are welcome to come to discuss how you might take part in foundation ownership and cross-polinating developments.   Web product bloggers and social network gurus might find this is a place to earn a share of sales for helping people get more value and enjoyment from what they buy and share with others. The Internet is not about the next Mark Zuckerberg, its about building people and group interactions that multiply.  "The love you take is equal to the love you make (your efforts)" is how things should work.. it does here... come join us if you have what it takes.  


Our deal is Your Deal.. its got to work for you, not just the few. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to change the you find out about, share, and buy things and services on the Internet and mobile devices. We make Social eCommerce, SeC, more fun and profitable by offering participation to best of breed developers, merchants, and social networkers.  This is just the beginning, our platform is evolutionary... we and our partners are developing exciting ways to use it, learn more...


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